What I Expect From Owners At The First Appointment

Please ask about anything you do not understand. I may use words or terms you have not heard before. I understand that when your animal is sick or injured, you will be very worried and stressed. It can be very difficult to think to ask questions, or to remember what was said at that time. I try to include all pertinent information on the medical record, which will be emailed to you following the appointment.

I expect you to tell me if your animal is difficult to handle, shy, feral, or timid. Knowing the personality of the animal helps me prepare for handling them as gently and low-stress as possible. A relaxed animal is much easier to work with. I expect livestock to be caught and tied-up if appropriate, or fenced in a small pen to be easily caught and restrained. While I do have a livestock dog working with me, the animals will be much calmer if they are gathered prior to my arrival (and your bill will be lower).

Unless we discuss a payment plan, all payments are due at the time of services rendered. Cash, check, Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Please feel free to request a written estimate prior to scheduling an appointment.