We all want the best care possible for our animals. For some cases, this means high tech diagnostics and invasive treatments. For other cases, conservative treatment and palliative care are the most appropriate. No matter the case or the problem, it all starts with a thorough history and physical exam. You may notice I ask a lot of questions about how your animal lives, what it eats, where it sleeps, how much exercise, etc. This is to help me understand how lifestyle may play a role in your animal’s health issues. Once this is accomplished, we can treat the problem, and adjust the lifestyle to help maintain a healthy animal. Because I am a single-veterinarian practice, you will receive continuity of care, rather than not knowing who will see your animals at each visit.

Client communication is very important to me. I spend the time to get to know my clients and my patients. I want my clients to let me know when things are not going well. You know your animals. If something is not right, please contact me sooner rather than later. Early recognition and intervention are the keys to effective veterinary care.

Appointments are typically scheduled Monday-Friday, but Saturday appointments are often available.

I do my best to return emergency calls within 20-30 minutes, and routine calls (advice, appointments, prescriptions) within 24 hours. You may contact me via phone call, email, or text. When I am unavailable, I leave appropriate alternatives for veterinary care on my voicemail. If you do not hear from me within an acceptable window of time, please try again (I am the only human at my practice). I do my best to attend to all emergency calls, even if it means rescheduling routine appointments. My clients understand this, because they would want the same thing for their animals in an emergency. If warranted, I will refer you to an appropriate emergency clinic or referral center.

I send reminder cards or emails for annual appointments, and keep track of the preventive health care needs of each animal.

Having a veterinarian who makes ranch and house calls can make providing health care for your best friends easier. Many of my clients have multiple pets, and/or a variety of livestock. It is a big chore to transport numerous pets to a clinic for routine appointments. It is common for me to care for several cats, dogs, horses, goats, etc. at one location, in one visit. My goal is to get all of your animals on the same schedule for routine annual care, to minimize scheduling hassles.

If hauling your animals to a clinic is stressful (for you or your animals), or if you have a large dog that has difficulty getting in and out of a vehicle, a ranch/house-call veterinarian can save you (and your animals) time and energy.

Observing and examining animals in their home setting allows me to collect additional information on environment and lifestyle. These are important factors in preventing and treating health issues, and they help me develop a more effective care plan.

There are times when advanced diagnostic tests or treatments are warranted that cannot be done in a mobile setting. When this occurs, I can help identify and refer you to an appropriate clinic or specialty veterinary center.

I can provide veterinary care to a variety of species. This allows you to have one veterinarian for numerous animals and, again, can simplify health care for your pets and livestock. Whether your animals are pets, working animals, or production herds, I can help you determine and deliver your veterinary care needs.